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Welcome to Viktor Abramov I ex-fin. analyst IQOPTION LTD with 10 years of experience.

My experience starts back in 2008, indirectly touching the period of mortgage crisis in the United States – the period of bankruptcy of banks and falling stock prices, which subsequently led to the global economic crisis.

Having worked in large financial institutions, I gained knowledge to implement and build my strategy, allowing me to train and form a team of traders, which I conditionally divided into A, B, C and D groups. Each group of traders at the beginning of the trading day receives its cash portfolio, during the day working on its increase, and at the end of the day returns the initial amount plus profit (or initial amount minus loss) from trading back to the companys accounts.

Thus, IQ Trade is a financial tool for people who want their money to really work and bring a stable income. However, at the same time, our website is not a platform for direct trading on binary options, but is just a link in the investor-trader chain.

Victor Abramov

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In our opinion, every self-respecting company, counting on a long work, must be registered. That is why we have an official registration document of IQ TRADE LIMITED, confirming our activities.

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